Quotes From Clients

Eva Speakman
I’ve attended Gary’s classes for almost 3 years. I’ve been thrilled with the results from regular attendance. Gary is very particular about form to ensure maximum benefit, and he makes weight training and his classes, challenging but great fun!
Heather King
I have trained with Gary for the last 2 years. I regularly take part in his aerobics, body combat & body pump classes. He is a very thorough instructor who focuses on achieving correct technique to insure you get the most out of your workout. Gary is a very professional instructor who is friendly & approachable for advice in all aspects of training. Since training with Gary my stamina & general fitness level has improved greatly & I look forward to my weekly classes.
Emma Bullivant
I have used Gary on a personal trainer basis and am extremely pleased. I have used personal trainers in the past and it has never worked out, however due to Gary's motivating techniques I have gained the best results ready for my holiday and I actually enjoyed myself. Garys technique does not seem like a harsh boot camp but more a motivational way in which you know you have to put the work in to get the results. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to get in shape for a certain event or just to visit his regular classes to keep fit.
Hi Gary, Just wanted to thank you for helping me with my Personal Fitness Improvement Plan. I didn't think I could reach my goal, but with your help, humour and constant encouragement, you made it happen. Thanks again buddy.